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Backdrop CMS configuration files and Git: The figure-8 approach

I've written about how to manage your configuration directory in version control (Git) several times, but now that I've done it in the wild on a few different sites, I thought I'd write it up here as well.

Note: this figure-8 approach works best when there is only a single developer on the project. If there is more than one, this approach can get confusing, and I prefer the versioned staging directory approach.

Below I have outlined how I set up most of my sites, with the Git root a directory above the webroot. This allows me to keep things that should not be web-accessible (like config!) in version control.

My first theme for Backdrop CMS

I tasked myself with rebuilding my dad's old Durpal 6 site,, to Backdrop CMS in one weekend.

I decided to rebuild from scratch rather than upgrade so that I could test more of Backdrop, and catch and fix bugs in the process (I found a handful - all now have PRs in the queue). After the site was built, I then needed to recreate the theme.

Respect for all the hard work done by the Drupal community

I started by opening an issue on in the queue for the old Drupal 6 theme, Aeon5. I asked politely if the current maintainer would be interested in working on or maintaining a Backdrop CMS version of the theme. It is, after all, their work, and they should be aware of what's going on, even if they aren't interested in being involved.

The great cleanse: Removing features from Backdrop CMS

Today while documenting all the modules that we've removed from core in Backdrop CMS, I realized that we've also been removing a lot of other cruft that's making the system lean and mean. I'd like to document all that for you here (but mostly for myself, for future reference).

Here's the list of modules that have been removed from core:

Introducing Backdrop CMS, a Drupal fork

I love working with Drupal. I feel fortunate that I found a software and a community where I can work for work, and work for play. It's not everyone who gets to do what they love every day. I get to interact with amazing people from all backgrounds and walks of life, share what I learn, and learn from others. I especially like that this community can often agree to disagree.

Here's where you might disagree with me: Drupal 7 was too hard to learn. Drupal 8 will be harder just by its virtue of being more complex. I want there to be an easier alternative, for example: Backdrop CMS.


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