The new theme layer in Drupal 8

Conference, Camp, or DUG: 
Bay Area Drupal Camp
Nov 3rd, 2012

Drupal 8 has a new theme layer. A new theme engine named Twig has been introduced already, and the rest of the system is also getting an overhaul.

Though we all know and love PHPTemplate, Drupal is not really using PHPTemplate anymore. We were frustrated by some of the limitations of PHPTemplate, and in order to overcome these shortfalls, we created a Drupal-only solution using giant "Renderable" arrays. Though elegant in it's programatic approach to generating markup, the render system - combined with PHPTemplate - produced a theme later that was incredibly frustrating for the people who needed it most. 1) Front-end experts who want to work in the medium of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and 2) People who are new to Drupal.

By refactoring the HTML and CSS that comes out of core, and translating all our PHPTtemplate files and theme functions into Twig templates, we think we'll be able to create a Drupal Theming wonderland where things are consistent, intuitive, and easy to work with.

In this session We'll point out some of the problems we faced with PHPTemplate and Renderables, and show how these tissues are being addressed through the move to Twig. There's still a lot to do, and some things we haven't decided on yet, but we're making progress.

Come see what your new template files will look like, and learn how you can get involved in making a better Tommorrow for your favorite CMS.






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